MICROrganic Technologies is a privately held company, founded in 2010, focused on successfully scaling and bringing-to-market MFC offerings for wastewater treatment applications. Cleaning the world's ever-increasing wastewater output will be revolutionized by MICROrganic's platform MFC technology, which aims to dramatically reduce energy usage while generating electricity and efficiently treating wastewater.


The company includes a growing team of full-time employees and interns advancing the technology through proprietary application innovations as well as manufacture methods of critical components. The company continues to be joined in its efforts by an expanding network of strategic investors and demonstration partners.


The practical application of academic research is a core mentality of MICROrganic’s founders and employees who strive for a balance of innovation and field implementation. MICROrganic’s team of dedicated biochemists, environmental, and chemical engineers have rapidly grown from their roots of bucket-by-bucket wastewater treatment, to inventing reliable and scalable methods that maintain the consistency achieved in small-scale “buckets.”

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Microbial Fuel Cells.

A dual benefit—MFCs are organic systems that use bacteria to remediate wastewater and generate electricity.

MFC Advantage.

MICROrganic's systems clean wastewater, without using energy, allowing for a cost-effective and sustainable advantage in the wastewater treatment process for industrial, municipal, or specialty applications.

Social Responsibility.

While we work to build next-generation technology to reduce the carbon footprint of industry, we're dedicated to helping acquaint and educate our next-generation scientists with bioelectrochemistry.

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